Photo: Surgeon's Mills & Lashley at 140th Gettysburg Event


General Meade's Field Hospital #1


Alexander's Battalion Field Hospital participates in living history encampments, battle reenactments, museums, parades, and school programs. Alexander's Battalion Field Hospital is a member of Alexander's Artillery Battalion and pays dues to that organization, along with annual dues to Longstreet's Corps. Alexander's Battalion Field Hospital is unique in the hobby of reenacting since it is attached to the artillery, whereas most reenacting field hospitals are attached to the infantry or cavalry. This makes Alexander's Battalion Field Hospital unique and perhaps the only full scale artillery medical unit operating in the reenacting community. Currently there are 22 members in the unit, many having backgrounds in medicine, serving as EMT's, Firemen, Police Officers or Nurses. Alexander's Battalion Field Hospital also serves as a support service organization for Alexander's Battalion of Longstreet's Corps Artillery, offering actual medical care on and off the field, within the scope of participant training, ability, and current medical certification(s). First aid, is rendered on the field based on consent or implied consent when an emergency is covered under the "Good Samaritan Laws." Alexander's Battalion Field Hospital seeks to compliment the artillery of Alexander's Battalion, including other reenactment units within the reenacting community. One way which this is accomplished is in the setting up of a historically correct Field Hospital of the 1861-1865 period, utilizing lectures and historically correct displays of museum quality, and in drawing good spectator interest.

Individuals joining this unit are expected to support ABFH, Alexander's Battalion Artillery, and Longstreet's Corps. Members are expected to attend as many events as possible within their ability. Generally each member is expected to make at least 3-4 events a year, showing support especially for Corps events. Most event locations which Alexander's Battalion Field Hospital participates in are found in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Alexander's Battalion Field Hospital is based in North Carolina. Alexander's Battalion Field Hospital is a Confederate Field Hospital, however occasionally portrays Federal for some events. When portraying Federal, Alexander's Battalion Field Hospital drops its name, becoming General Meade's Field Hospital # 1.

While historically no name was given to the original field hospital commanded by Surgeon Major Dr. William M. Post, Surgeon to Brig. General E. Porter Alexander, Commander of Longstreet's Corps Artillery; the name Alexander's Battalion Field Hospital is purposely used today for unit identification in the reenacting community, and to honor Brig. General Alexander. The name Alexander's Battalion Field Hospital also signifies the field hospitals close ties to the modern day reenacting unit known as Alexander's Battalion of Longstreet's Corps Artillery.

The unit's mailing address is:

703 Willowmoore Ave
Thomasville, North Carolina 27360
The contact phone number is 336 476-8695

The Organization known as Alexander's Battalion Field Hospital primary purpose shall be in the promoting of the memory and honor of the Medical Services Personnel, both North and South who served during the War Between the States.




Pledge to the Confederate Hospital Flag

I Pledge to always honor the confederate hospital flag and the memory of the surgeons of the war who served under its crimson red; red for memory of those who suffered and died while spilling their blood for the cause, red for the surgeons who wore the bloodstained apron, and red for the eyes that cried for the memory of it all.

Aurthor unknown circa 1902--written during a veterans renunion by surgeons attending