Battalion Meeting 2023 Recap



Greetings Staff & Battery Commanders,

Hope all returned home safely and with no incidents.  Below is a recap of our Battalion meeting.

Battalion Meeting convened Approx. 8:30am on January 14th, 2023, Location: Williamsburg VA

Batterys in attendance were: 4th MD, Hartís Battery, Penickís Battery, Cunninghamís Battery, Bedford Light, Striblings Battery & Reillyís Battery

Batterys Absent: Washington Artillery, Botetourt Artillery & Peninsula Artillery

Col. Alex Swain (Battalion Commander) addressed the battalion in his first role as commander and thanked the battalion for their confidence in him as commander. Other than the change in leadership the battalion will function as the well-oiled machine it is. Col. Swain also paid tribute to Gen Douglass for his leadership and the knowledge he gained in the positions he has held over the past seven years.

Major Hunter Freed Chief-0f-Staff) was introduced as the battalion Chief-of-Staff. Major Freed (Penickís Battery) having gotten to know most of the battalion stated he will do his best to keep things running smoothly. If there are any problems, please come and see him.

Lt. Col. Tim Fogarty (Battalion Adjutant) discussed the lack of AARís for 2022. These reports are read by our staff, they are useful and are passed up to General Staff. He also discussed the use of the battalion website to be used as a tool for promoting and recruiting for the batterys. Spoke on the Charles Hillsman College Fund, encouraged battalion  members to apply to it for any immediate family member. For a trade school or college. The award amount is $750.  A show of hands vote was taken for the major events to see what attendance will be for each.

Major Roland Meiers ( Provost) offered his apologies for not attending much in 2022 due to medical issues. Will try to be at the major events this year. He also spoke for Bob Henry (Battalion Webmaster) reenforcing the need to use the battalion website. Captain Henry due to health issues has stepped down from his battery command.

Major Steve Peddycord (Battalion Chaplain) Quoted verses for Deuteronomy. Offered prayers for those in the battalion that have lost family and have had health issues over the last year. Spoke of Kevin Menzelís battle with his cancer and how prayer has helped him heal. Hoping to see him in the field this year.

Col. Swain had all battery commanders, stand, and introduce themselves and speak a bit on and about their battery. Even though we know each other well, it was a nice way to relearn about them and keep in touch as to whatís going on in their batterys.

The Cav/Artillery event, Brandy Station was discussed. Capt. Steve Dunn (War Dog) of our Cav came it to speak on this event. It is on the original battlefield, with five battles occurring over the two days. Bounty of $250 per gun and usual amenities. This was the largest ever Cav battle in any war. As of this time, the battalion has six guns interested in attending.

The Gettysburg PCWA event was discussed, as of now, six of the battalion guns will go. The registration coordinator is Capt Rick Gist of our Washington Artillery. Kevin (Tiny) Dawson is Artillery commander. Chris Anders is overall CS commander. The drill to be used at this event is the Patten Drill. Our guns will be camped together. This will be an absolute period correct camp. $250 Bounty up to 16 guns.

The battalion will have a new set of By-Laws drawn up by Gen. Douglass, Capt Titus and Capt Jason Cohea. The reason for this is the currents donít reflect artillery as used in todayís hobby.

Also a new drill manual will be assembled showing many more up to date pictures and the most dangerous parts on the gun. Capt Dan OíBrian and Capt Harry Titus will help putting this together. The manual may be available by Cedar Creek for handout and will try to have it for electronic download by years end.

Chaplain Peddycord gave a closing prayer.

Battalion meeting adjourned approx. 11am

We thank all battery representatives for their efforts and long drives to attend this meeting as itís always a pleasure to see one another, especially for our friends from Oklahoma


Respectfully Submitted By

Lt. Col. Tim Fogarty

Battalion Adjutant