Reenactors Wanted

The Bedford Light Artillery group is a fun-loving, yet serious group of people who are family oriented and very interested in the history of the Civil War era.

We share thoughts and ideas of the war among ourselves and with the public. We practice and perform our cannon drill, perfecting our technique so we may provide a firing as you see below.


We are located in western New York and perform in the northeastern portion of the United States. We camp in period tents, cook over a wood fire, and dress in 1860ís fashion.

If you have an interest in the Civil War and would like to live for a time in that era, please contact one of us. We value your interest.

Phone Numbers:

                      Bob Henry               Roland Meiers                     

                     (585) 752-2050        (585) 472-6305              

Please feel free to email us at:  bla@bedfordlightartillery.com


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