Ft. Pocohantas June 4-6 2021

Operations Order 2021-2

Attention Battery Commanders and Staff.


MISSION: Longstreet's Corps has been asked to provide artillery support for a Confederate Infantry/Cavalry combined arms attack on the Federal Fort at Wilsons wharf on the James River.  This large earthen fort is the main Federal logistics port supporting federal forces in the Richmond/Petersburg area.


CONCEPT OF OPERATIONS: We will have four Longstreet's batteries deployed to support the attack. Four to six other batteries will be involved. At least four of these will be deployed as Federal in defense of the Fort. We will operate as a reenforced Battery. Corps has informed me that we will have approximately 60 Longstreet infantry and 40 cavalry on site. 


UNIFORM: Late war confederate. All officers should deploy as Captains or below.


CAMPS: Battalion staff will deploy on Thursday afternoon at 1300 hours to lay out the camp. Space is limited and the organizers have asked that no tents larger than A tents be used. Fly's and shebangs are welcome. Batteries will be camped in company streets by battery. In the past all camps were inside the fort. This year however, the Confederate artillery Camp may be outside the fort due to space restrictions and the large attendance. All confederate artillery are asked to check with artillery battalion Hq prior to setting up camp. Members of Longstreet's artillery who can assist in laying out the camps are welcome to arrive Thursday. Please notify the Battalion adjutant if you plan to arrive to help with the camp layout. 


SCENARIOS: Battle space is limited. We will most likely be asked to provide barrage support for the combined attack then cease firing while the attack commences. A second artillery barrage may be required if there is a second attack. Scenarios will be explained on site by Corps command and appropriate orders issued. The area outside the fort is densely forested which may require us to operate as independent 2 to 3 gun sections. Section commanders will be assigned on site.


SAFETY: Gun and crew inspections will be conducted on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning as crews and guns arrive. Since many crews have been inactive for a lengthy time due to the recent pandemic, Battery commanders are requested to pay special attention to crew practice and drill.


REGISTRATION: The organizers have capped registration at 400. No walk-ons. Battery commanders are asked to ensure that all artillery members have filled out the electronic waiver forms. No paper waivers will be issued on site.


FURTHER ORDERS: Operations orders will be issued on site on a daily basis in writing by Battalion Hq.


Brig Gen John W Douglass, Commanding

Alexanders Battalion

Longstreet's Artillery.