1st Co. Washington Artillery event list  2018


24 Feb:  endview plantation school of the piece (tentative)  either

8 April:  Pamplin Park-Breakout Apr 65 (on original battlefield)  US likely  poss CS (Both Batt A and 1st Co WA were at Petersburg, need to research the units at the Breakthrough)

14-15 April:  Yorktown civil war days  Yorktown Battlefield

28-29 April:   Plymouth NC  (US manning the boat howitzer) partnering with THMLA

19-20 May:  New Market Va  US 

2-3 Jun:  Ft Pocahontas Va  US or CS 

5-8 Jul:  Gettysburg               US (already registered due to last year)

19-20 Oct:  cedar creek        CS

19 Nov:  remembrance Day 

TBD   ft Monroe contraband decision