Alexander’s Battalion, Longstreet’s Corps OPERATION ORDER 2022-3

Reporting for Duty

159th Gettysburg July 1-3 2022


1.      Attention to Orders:  All registered Staff and Artillery Units need not report to Gettysburg any earlier than 12 Noon on Thursday, June 30h


The CS organization commanding this event are individuals chosen by the Daniel Lady Farm staff. We are the guests of the Daniel Lady Farm, and all respect, courtesy, and cooperation will be extended to our military and civilian hosts.


The GPS coordinates for the event are: Daniel Lady Farm 986 Hanover Rd Gettysburg PA 17325

Emergency Phone if needed are as Follows: 717 778-7760



2.      Reporting for Duty:  After checking in at registration with the event coordinators all CS Artillery reenactors are directed to report to Gen. Roger House at Artillery HQ for assignment of camping spaces. Unit commanders should be prepared to verify with Artillery HQ the number of guns and personnel which will be reporting for duty. Gen. John Douglass will be on site at this time.


No guns will be allowed on the field until the guns and their crews have passed a safety inspection.  The Longstreet’s Artillery commander and safety officer will be on site Thursday evening.


3.      Billeting: Artillery personnel will camp with their respective batteries. Assignment of space for camping will be issued by the event artillery commander/Engineer within the space allotted


4.      Mess: Each battery is responsible for their own daily meals.



5.      Parking and Towing: Tow vehicle driver will be issued one pass for each gun. 


    1. Tow Passes: Will be issued by Artillery HQ
    2. Towing - All towing to and from the field will be by designated deployment and recovery periods. Unit commanders are requested to strictly comply with these orders. Deployment and recovery periods for each battery will be published in the daily Ops Orders. At this time tow vehicles will be parked at the end of and behind Sutler Row
    3. Gun Park-Will be designated by Artillery command upon arrival. Most likely across

from artillery camp on the right side of the entry road.


5-D   Reenactor Parking will be behind the Visitor Center


6.      Gun placement on the field: Maps for the area to be covered by each battery will be issued by  Artillery HQ or by verbal order.


7.      Daily Operations Orders: Artillery HQ will issue Operations Orders for each day by oral communication or in writing. Battery commanders will be informed of these orders at officer’s call.


8.      Safety: Battery Commanders need to make sure their men are hydrated before taking the field and have a full canteen while on the field.  Safety rules and regulations for CS Artillery at this event will be governed by Longstreet safety rules and regulations.


9.      “Volunteers”: Each battery will be expected to be ready to provide personnel to assist General Douglass/Staff as/if needed throughout the event.


10.  Battalion Camp: An orderly and period-accoutered camp will be maintained throughout the weekend.


11.  The Alexander’s Battalion Command staff for this event will be as follows:


Gen. John Douglass-Commanding Battalion

Major Roland Meiers-Chief-of-Provost

Major Steve Peddycord-Battalion Chaplain

Sgt Major Kevin Menzel-Battalion Sgt Maj


Please acknowledge the receipt of these orders to this adjutant no later than Friday, June 25th  


By Order Of:


Gen. John Douglass

Commanding, Alexander’s Battalion

Longstreet’s Corps




Lt. Col. Tim Fogarty

Battalion Adjutant

Alexander’s Battalion

Longstreet’s Corps