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                         Updated January 17, 2017


Stribling’s Battery Schedule of Events for 2017



Jan 13-14:  Longstreet’s Corps and Alexander’s Battalion annual meetings.  (Fredericksburg, VA)   Captain  Favors, Sergeant Swart will attend both meetings as the battery representatives.  Alexander’s Battalion meeting will be at 7:00 on Friday January 13 at the Golden Corral restaurant conference room.  Longstreet’s Corps meeting will be on Saturday at 9:00 am (breakfast at 8:00) at the Spotsylvania School Board Office, 8020 River Stone Dr., Fredericksburg, VA (same location as last year).  Billeting will be at the Comfort Inn & Suites (formerly Wytestone Suite) Fredericksburg, 4615 Southpoint Parkway, Fredericksburg, VA.  Telephone (540) 891-1112. 


Jan 15:   Battery Planning Meeting.  (Douglass Farm, Hume, VA)  Maximum participation requested to decide on what events we will participate in during 2017.  Everyone arrive by 1:00 and bring your personal calendar and copy of the 2017 Draft Schedule of Events for the annual planning meeting.


March 10-12:  Battles for New Berne.  (Dover, NC)  (1 gun)  ** Corps Sanctioned Event Long distance trip for 2017.  Located on the Kinsey Farm in Dover NC, the event features the Battle for New Berne on Saturday, and the Battle of Batchelor’s Creek on Sunday.  $100 artillery bounty per gun and no registration fee for the first 10 CS guns until Jan 31 after which the registration fee will be $20.  There will be a $150 bounty and no registration fee for the first 5 US guns until Jan 31 after which the registration fee will be $10.  For information see the event website  Artillery  POC is Bob Looney (252) 229-5793 or email


April 6-9:  155th anniversary Battle of Shiloh reenactment.  (Shiloh, Tenn.)  (1 gun) 

Long distance trip for 2017.  The event located at the same site as the 150th Shiloh in 2012, features battles on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  We would primarily be Confederate but would galvanize for some of the battle scenarios if needed.  The plan would be to travel on Thursday, April 6, remain in camp at the conclusion of the event on Sunday, and travel back to home stations on Monday.  Registration fee is $20.00 until Feb. 15, after it will be $25.00.  Artillery POC is LtCol Robert Beams at (205) 310-7673 or email .


April 9:  Ox Hill Battlefield artillery salute.  (Fairfax, VA)   (1 gun)  On Sunday, April 9 there will be the event at Ox Hill Battlefield in Fairfax, Virginia.  Several monuments are being installed to honor the fallen of Battle of Chantilly and those units that participated in action on that day.  No living history, only ceremonial firing of three rounds in Union uniforms.  (White gloves, clean uniforms, etc.)  Whole event should take less than 3 hours and will be done by noon.


April 21-23:  NCWAA School of the Piece at Jackson’s Mill.  (Westin, WV)  Annual certification school located on the grounds of Stonewall Jackson’s boyhood home.  Certification or recertification on all positions to include Gunner.  Minimum age is 14 for positions 5 & 6, 16 for positions 3 & 4, and 18 for positions 1 & 2.  Limited barracks style billeting available.  Registration fee is $12.00 until March 1, after then the fee is $15.00 per person.  Battery POC is Sgt Devor.      


April 29:  Fairfax Civil War Days.  (Fairfax, VA)  (1 gun)  One-day Living history and artillery firing demonstrations 10:00 am - 5:00 pm at the historic Blenheim House in Fairfax, VA. We will portray Battery B, 1st Conn Artillery and have been requested to provide a bugler and participate in the flag raising ceremony like last year.  $350.00 bounty.   Battery POC is Sgt Devor.  Event POC is Pat O’Neil (703) 505-4873. 


May 6-7:  Battle of Front Royal reenactment.  (Front Royal, VA)  (1 gun)  First time event to be held in downtown Front Royal.  Battle on Saturday at 1:00 and possibly another battle on Sunday following a parade down Main Street.  Possible artillery bounty by the city.  POC is Doug Becktel, (703) 424-1984 or email .


May 19-21:  N-SSA 127th National live-fire competition.  (Fort Shenandoah, Winchester, VA)   Uniformed competitors in member units competing in muskets, mortars, and cannon.  Largest Civil War live-fire event in the country.  For those who eventually want to live-fire the gun competitively, it is recommended that you attend this event and learn all you can about live-firing.  Free admission.  For information contact Melinda Shaw or


May 19-21:  155th anniversary Valley Campaign & Battle of New Market reenactment.  (New Market, VA) (1-2 guns)  *** Corps Event  Longstreet’s Corps will be in command for this event.  Friday evening, May 19, will feature the battle of Cross Keys, Saturday, May 20 will be the battle of 1st Kernstown, and Sunday will be the battle of New Market.  Everyone must register themselves for this event.  Registration fee is $10.00 until February 28, $15.00 March 1-April 30, after April 30 you must register as a walk-on for $20.00.  For more information see the event website: .


May 28:   SCV Memorial Day Artillery salute.  (Warrenton, VA) (1 gun)  Artillery salute at Colonel Mosby’s grave at the Warrenton cemetery.  Muster at the cemetery at 1:00 pm, ceremony and salute goes at 2:00 pm.  For information contact the President of the Black Horse Chapter U.D.C., Alice Bowley at or Laurel Scott, .


June 17:  Civil War Kids Camp.  (Middletown, VA)  (1 gun)  Civil War Kid’s Camp is a living history day at the Cedar Creek battlefield.  Experience a day in the Civil War army with Infantry drill, cavalry demonstrations, camp life, and artillery firing demonstrations.   Battery POC is Sgt. Devor.


July 1-3:  154th Anniversary Gettysburg reenactment.  (Gettysburg, PA)  (1 gun)  **Corps Sanctioned Event This is the annual GAC event featuring battles each day (cavalry in the morning, all combat arms in the afternoon), mortar live-fire competition, living history activities, Independence Day artillery salutes.  Location this year is on the site of the filming of the movie “Gettysburg”, 965 Pumping Station Road, Gettysburg, PA.  $350.00 bounty per gun.  Registration fee is $5 until January 31,March 1-15, $20 March 16-June 1.  The Confederate Commander is Gen. Tim Perry of ANV.  For information and registration see the website .


Aug TBD:  Battery Work Day.  (Douglass Farm, Hume, VA).  Saturday is the primary work day with Sunday as the back-up day in the event of inclement weather.  Focus is on maintenance of battery equipment in preparation for the 2017 campaign season. 


Sept 16:  Fort Ward Civil War Artillery Day.  (Alexandria, VA) *Stribling’s Battery Event.  (1 gun)  One day living history program, scheduled from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., cannon drill and firing demonstrations, ordnance display, civilian impressions, etc.).  One gun portraying Battey C, 1st Conn Heavy Artillery will fire from inside the restored bastion.  Female civilians can participate but must have a specific period impression to portray (e.g. laundress, officer’s wife, nurse, etc).  For information see  and click on the icon for reenactors to take you to the program registration for the event.  POC at Ft. Ward is Susan Cumby (703) 838-4848. 


Sept 23-24:  Gettysburg Living History and Firing Demonstrations.  (Gettysburg NMP, PA) (1 gun) National Park Service living history and artillery firing demonstrations at Pitzers Woods on Seminary Ridge.  Camp and fire on the actual battlefield approximately 200 yds from the original Stribling’s Battery firing position on July 3, 1863. We will field one gun along with one gun from the 4th Maryland Artillery.   POC at Gettysburg is Ranger Tom Holbrook.


Sept 23-24:  Sully Plantation Civil War encampment.  (Chantilly, VA)  (1 gun) Campaign camping, living history, camp life, firing demonstrations, skirmishes.  Since we will be conducting split-battery operations in conjunction with Gettysburg Living History, recommend this either be a battery campaign camping or a day tripper event .  Sully Plantation Historic Site Events and Marketing Coordinator is Erin Rock, (703) 437-1794 .


Oct 6-8:  N-SSA 118th National live-fire competition.  (Fort Shenandoah, Winchester, VA)  For those who want to live-fire competitively, this is the event to participate in.  Uniformed competitors in member units competing in muskets, mortars, and cannon.  Largest Civil War live-fire event in the country.  Free admission. For information  contact Melinda Shaw or


Oct 13-15:  153rd Anniversary Battle of Cedar Creek Reenactment.  (Middletown, VA)  (2 guns)  ***Corps Event  Best mid-size event of the year held on the original battlefield.  Artillery limited to 15 full-scale guns on each side.  Registration fee is $12 until March 15, $20 March 16-May 24 and $25 May 25-Oct 4.  For information, and registration call Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation at (540) 869-2064, or see the web sites or .


Nov 11-12:  29th Annual Capital of the Confederacy Civil War Show.  (Richmond, VA)   Richmond Raceway Complex, 600 E. Laburnum Ave.  Over 400 exhibitor and museum displays, firearms, swords, personal effects, ordnance, etc. all for sale.  Saturday 9:00-5:00, Sunday 10:00-3:00.  Admission is $6 over age 12, under 12 free.  For info email Mike Kent at .


Nov 18:  Rememberance Day.   (Gettysburg, PA)  Participants will march in the Rememberance Day parade along with other members of Longstreet’s Corps.