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Enlist in the Markham Guards, Captain Stribling's Battery - Northern Virginia's premier Civil War Artillery reenactment unit. Learn about this crucial time in our American history by living it and experiencing it firsthand.  We are a family oriented unit that values authenticity and honoring our ancestors. We participate in battle reenactments, parades, living history and educational presentations for schools and other civic organizations. New recruits are always welcome as well as are seasoned veterans.  Training is provided and no prior experience is necessary.  Our Headquarters is located in Hume, Fauquier County, Virginia.  Our members come from Maryland, North Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and throughout Virginia.

For further information contact:

Captain John Douglass                                Corporal Chuck Wallace

(540) 636-6722                                            (703) 441-1265            



Stribling’s Battery Individual Equipment List


Mandatory Items:

CS Shell Jacket (Richmond Depot Type II of grey kersey or gray/brown jeanwool), Sack       Coat, or Frock Coat

CS Trousers & Suspenders (gray kersey or jeanwool, or sky blue wool Federal)

CS Kepi, Forage Cap (gray kersey or jeanwool), or Slouch Hat (black, tan, or brown)

Shirt (standard issue shirt, or period homespun civilian pattern shirt)

Jefferson Brogans or Boots (with wooden pegged soles)

Canteen (tin drum, bullseye, smoothside, or wooden canteen)

Haversack (white canvas CS or captured Federal black “tarred” haversack)\

Tin Cup

Plate (tin or pewter), or canteen half

Eating Utensils (Spoon, Fork, Knife or combination eating utensil set)


Preferred Items:

            Poncho or Gum Blanket

            Blanket (period gray wool with stitched “US” in the center and black end stripes, tan with brown end stripes, or red with black end stripes)

            Period correct Glasses (if you wear glasses)

            US  4-button Sack Coat or Shell Jacket (dark blue wool with standard Federal eagle buttons – do not use eagle “A” buttons which are for officers only)

            US Trousers (sky blue)

            US Kepi or Forage Cap (dark blue with large brass crossed cannon insignia)

            Overcoat (gray or sky blue)

            Leather Waist Belt with CS or US Buckle (rectangular eagle/wreath buckle for NCOs)

            Lantern or Candle Holder

            Toiletry Items (toothbrush, soap & container, mirror, comb, straight razor, etc)

            White Cloth Gloves (for dress parade and formal occasions)

            “A” Tent with poles and stakes


Optional Items:

            Housewife/Sewing Kit

            Pocket Knife

            Wool Gloves or Mittens

            Wool Scarf

            Handkerchief (cotton, linen, or a scrap of homespun cloth is OK but no “cowboy” red or blue paisley style handkerchief)

            Musical Instrument (tin whistle, harmonica, fiddle, drum, squeeze box, “bones”)

            Smoking items (pipe, tobacco pouch, cigars, matches in period match-safe)

            Recreational items (period cards, dice, checkers, dominos, chess set, etc)

            Correspondence items (paper, pencil, ink pen and ink bottle)

                Folding Camp Stool