Alexander’s Battalion Meeting Minutes

                                                                            January 13, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 8:15am

Artillery Staff in Attendance was: Battalion Commander, Col. John Douglass, Chief-of-Staff, Lt. Col George Miller, Battalion Adjutant, Lt. Col. Tim Fogarty, Chief of Surgeons, Major Darwin Roseman, and Safety Officer/Battalion Sgt Major, Sgt Major Alex Swain. Special Guest, Lt. Col. Terry Alamong of the General Staff

Staff Absent:  Major Roland Meiers, Major Steve Peddycord, Captain Bob Henry

Batterys in attendance were: Cunningham’s, Hart’s Battery, Striblings Battery, 4th MD,  Major Roseman, also representing Alexander’s Battalion Field Hospital

Batterys Absent: Bedford Light, 1st Co. Washington Artillery (formally Huger’s)

·         Sgt. Major Alex Swain began the meeting with prayers and blessing on all in attendance.

·         Battalion Commander Col. John Douglass, made his opening remarks, welcomed everyone, discussed keeping to decorum in camp, especially in hot weather discussed using common sense for uniforms in the field during hot weather, saluting officers when appropriate, discussed possibly adding new by-laws for the battalion concerning accepting different types of drill as to defer any issues when having others in the battalion from other parts of the country. Discussed any use of profanity in camp as there are women and children within earshot, discussed that we had a successful 2017 and talked on how we used different deployment of the guns working with Cavalry and Infantry. Discussed the value of written orders at events, commended Sgt Maj. Swain for his efforts as our Safety Officer and on instruction and complimented staff on their commitments in the field. If possible for those batterys that live close or have an advanced party arrive, that they could provide ONE person to aid staff in setting camp, we discussed our relations and co-operation with the other organizations (especially artillery)

·         Col. Douglass also discussed ideas if we have further disruptions in camp by outside agitators, have a “BUG OUT BAG” containing important, and personal items, having roll call, police orders will override our plans if told to do otherwise, look for an evac route from the event

·         Chief of Staff Lt. Col. George Miller, Thanked all for their courtesies and help on the field at Cedar Creek, reviewed battalion expenses, a motion was made to raise battalion dues from $10 to $20 for 2018. The motion passed. Dues were collected from the attending batterys. Kudos go to Lt. Col. George Miller for his performance at Cedar Creek.

·         Battalion Adjutant Lt. Col. Tim Fogarty,  took a hands vote as to what batterys were attending Corps and Corps sanctioned events, Handed out a more defined copy of the Corps insurance, reviewed and emphasized the different forms to be found either on the Corps or battalion website, reminded the batterys to use the insurance form for any guests in the field, must put their name on it and turn it in Corps COS or ADJ, please send to this adjutant their yearly schedules and a copy of current insurance rider, also a battery roster of names must be submitted to Jill Russell by March 1st and to update battalion master roster, elaborated on the Chuck Hillsman/Longstreet’s Scholarship fund which can be found on the Corps or battalion websites. It can be used for immediate family of Corps members. Nominees must be submitted by April 30th, no exceptions. Send to Art Wingo at

·         Also nominees for “Artillerist of the year” are to be submitted to Sgt. Major Swain by Sept 1st at  Criteria for this award was reviewed in battalion meeting.

·         Major Darwin Roseman, Battalion Surgeon, Spoke at length on the battalion AED, it costs, maintenance and uses for the Corps on the field and the chain of custody if Darwin can’t be at an event. Collected donations for IED maintenance this year(needs new pads every two years) The battery is good for eight years. Kudos to the Field Hospital for their work on the field in 2017.

·         Sgt. Major Alex Swain, Battalion Sgt. Major and Safety Officer, we had a safe year in 2017, complemented batterys for the good job on their drills and safety, NCO’s will report to him on any problems within the camp or event as his is the voice up to the officer corps, If we are in command at large events each organization will now inspect their own guns and those inspectors will submit a form to Sgt. Maj. Swain as to place responsibility if an accident were to occur either to reenactor or spectator, a class will be held a John Douglass’s farm to certify/recertify any cannoneers,

·         Huger’s Battery will now be known as 1st Company Washington Artillery  of New Orleans

·         A motion was made to close discussions and the meeting adjourned at approx.10:15am and proceed to the general Corps meeting downstairs in the hotel.

·         Thanks and appreciation goes out to “Hart’s Battery” for making their long and arduous  journey to the annual meeting.


Respectfully Submitted By

Lt. Col. Tim Fogarty

Battalion Adjutant

Alexander’s Battalion

Longstreet’s Corps