1st Corps Army of Northern Virginia
General James Longstreet   and His Staff   


Major G.M. Sorrell Major John W. Fairfax Major Osmun Latrobe

Captain Thomas Goree Major R.J. Moses Major Andrew Dunn
                                                             General Longstreets Staff
Major G.M. Sorrell A.A.G. and Chief of Staff
Major John W. Fairfax A.A.G. and Inspector
Major Osmun Latrobe A.A.G. and Inspector
Lt. Colonel P.T. Manning Chief of Ordnance
Captain F.W. Dawson Assistant to Chief of Ordnance
Major Thomas Walton A.D.C.
Major Andrew Dunn A.D.C.
Captain Thomas Goree A.D.C.
Lieutenant Blackwell A.D.C.
Major R.J. Moses Chief of Commissary of Subsistence
Major Mitchell Chief of Quartermaster
Captain J.H. Manning Signal Officer
Surgeon J.S.D. Cullen Medical Director
Surgeon R. Barksdale Medical Inspector
Surgeon Kellum Medical Inspector
Assistant Surgeon Thomas Maury Assistant to Medical Director
Major Chichester Commissary of Subsistence
Major I.G. Clarke Engineer Corps
General E. Porter Alexander and his staff




Dr. William M. Post


               General Alexander's Staff

Captain Joseph Cheves Haskell Adjutant and Chief of Staff
Captain Steven Winthrop Chief of Staff and Inspectors
Lieutenant William "Willie" Mason Aide
Major John Izard Middleton Quartermaster
Captain Jacob H. Fraklin Chief of Commissary
Dr. William M. Post Surgeon